I’m no expert by any means, but I’d like to think I’m knowledgable in the world of fashion. Keyword: think. If anything, I just have a lot of opinions.

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Double Denim

Maybe this is a hot-take, but I love a good double denim look. I’ve worn the look a few times and it’s simple, but effective. It can be worn casually or you could dress it up with color and accessories, the possibilities are endless! This trend has stuck around since the 70’s, which goes to show how constant it is in the trend cycle. But beware! Not all denim washes match or go together! Stick to similar washes for a coordinated look!

Stacked Jewelry

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Yes, yes, and yes. Jewelry can define an outfit. And nowadays, there are so many different types of jewelry styles to mix and match. Another potential hot-take, but even mixing and matching gold and silver jewelry can be stylish! I’m a big fan of beaded, colorful jewelry. I get mine from an online shop my friend started called, Jewels Rule. She makes beautiful, unique custom jewelry for a reasonable price, and it’s always great to shop locally to support small business owners.

Stacked rings are a must for me. It adds dimension to your look and can be a conversation starter! Same with stacking necklaces. I usually try to stick to an equation when I mix and match necklaces: A longer pendant-style, layered with a multi-charm or beaded necklace. But the world is your oyster and the combinations are infinite.

Stacked bracelets are tricky for me. I’ve never been super into bracelets but I feel like there can be a fine line between too many bracelets and too few. I love the look of bangle and resin bracelets, same with resin rings. They’re so beautiful yet simple and easy to pair with others.

Jeans Over Leggings

Nope. I am so sorry, but absolutely not. I would be lying, though, if I said I never wore black leggings under a pair of jean shorts. I don’t know if this trend started because of dress codes and administrators being offended by bare legs, but it deserves the boot. Leave this in 2011, folks.

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Heres the thing: Mega-sagging, like halfway-down-the-legs-sagging is a big no for me. I cannot be alone in this prospect!

However. I have been appreciative of the boxers and jeans combination. A good mid-rise, baggy jean with a peek of the boxer shorts underneath? Paired with a cropped tee? Sign me up! It adds layers to the outfit, and I’m sure it’s super comfortable!

Tracksuits & Sets

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Absolutely. A matching tracksuit set is such a Y2K moment. It can be a lounging around look, but it can also be a going out look, if accessorized correctly, of course. And extra points if it’s a Juicy Couture set!

Coordinating sets are my jam. I am a big fan of monochromatic outfits, so co-ord sets are right up my alley. If purchased together, it’s such an easy look. No thoughts required. Just throw it on and go! And they can range from lazy day look to chic and ready to hit the town. It’s a must.

You can get them almost anywhere, depending on what your personal style is, but some of my favorite places to shop for these are Nasty Gal, I.AM.GIA, and ZARA.

Low-Rise Jeans

It’s a love-hate relationship. Like a lot of things, they can be amazing and super stylish, but on the flip-side, they can also be slightly tragic. If you’re interested in rocking this look, go for it! But I find they pair best with a cropped tank or tee!

Graphic Tee’s

When I think of graphic tee’s, I think of those Hollister and Abercrombie shirts, you know what I’m talking about. My sisters and I owned, maybe, hundreds of those tee’s. Never again.

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I also think of shirts with odd slogans on it like, “Mondays Suck!” While this statement is very true, do we need a reminder on a t-shirt?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m admittedly a big fan of awkward graphic tee’s. Sometimes they’re so quirky that I have to have them. It can also be a great conversation starter! A piece on my clothing bucket list is a t-shirt that says “My grandparents went to ____, and the only thing they brought me back is this shirt.” It’s funny! Sometimes it’s fun to buy weird pieces, it’s like a game to try to style them.

Everyone’s style is unique to themselves, and I’m always on the hunt for new ways to spice up my wardrobe. No matter what you wear, as long as you feel confident and comfortable in it, it’s a look! That’s the best thing about clothes, there’s no right or wrong!

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